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This is my first time ever using Animoto and I loved it! It is supper easy for all ages and very quick to get the hang of. I love the idea of being able to take multiple videos and them be able to put them all together. You don't have to worry about being on camera for the whole time and its easy to show the important parts of the projects to the views don't get bored.

This website was super easy to use and in this screenshot it shows the different videos at the bottom that I added. In the right side of the picture you are able to see the videos I have added into the Animoto video library. One they are in your library it is very easy to add them

onto each different slide for your video. You are able to move them into whatever order you want and there are different layouts to choose from. Then in the next picture it shows how you are able to crop each video so it is the length you want.

I'm also very happy that you are able to mute the sound in the videos since it is very easy to be quiet or only talk about things related to your project. Its even nice to be able to not have any background noise, like my family creates a lot of! I realized that you could take 2 or 3 long videos while doing you project and then add the video in multiple times and crop the parts you want. Or you could do what I did, which it take multiple 30 second videos and then cropped each one of them so they fit nicely all together.

You could use this in a class room to allow students to make their own short videos and allow them to crop the important parts together. They can be creative and add in music and change the writing. An easy assignment for student could be to have them lip sing or dance to a song and using Animoto allows them to try it multiple times and crop together their favorite parts.

I would defiantly recommend people use Animoto if they are wanting to edit or crop videos. I know I will continue to use it as much as I can!

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